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06 Jun 2015 / in

Australia is a Mecca for everyone who loves Nature and freedom. A fascinating Country, dominated by Mother Nature: one of the few places on Earth still giving the sensation of the authentic adventure. The size of this huge island gives endless possibilities for adventurous travellers. My first choice was Queensland, the “sunshine state”, the gateway […]


06 Jun 2015 / in

There are 700 Islands of Bahamas sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of Ocean, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The archipelago is an ecological oasis featuring 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays and boasts the clearest water on the Planet, with a visibility of over 200 feet. The main islands are Grand Bahama, Bimini, […]


05 Jun 2015 / in

Galàpagos islands are one of the most remote, pristine and fascinating places on Earth. Located 250 miles west of the coast of Ecuador, this volcanic group of islands is affected by seven majour cold currents extremely rich in nutrients. When these waters meet the equatorial sun, it’s an explosion of life! A real Mecca for […]


05 Jun 2015 / in

There’s no place on Earth like Hawaii. The volcanic archipelago is a Paradise in the middle of nowere, offering any kind of water experience. The national sports are surf, windsurf, kitesurf and stand up paddle, practiced in world famous spots, like Pipeline, on Oahu or Ho’okipa Beach Park, on Maui. The islands have a warm, […]


04 Jun 2015 / in

French Polinesia is a constellation of more that one hundred islands, spread like pearls in the Pacific Ocean: the ultimate tropical Paradise. Its rainforests, white sandy beaches and blue waters have always inspired travellers, explorers, artists and poets. The islands form five main archipelagos, each with its own character: the Society Islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, […]


04 Jun 2015 / in

The Revillagigedo Archipilago (aka “Socorro”) is a very isolated place that emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, the tip of Baja California. It’s unknown to the civilized world and made by four main islands: Socorro, San Benedico, Roca Partida and Clarion. It’s a pristine, wild place, […]


04 Jun 2015 / in

The Seychelles Archipelago is situated off the east coast of Africa and it’s made by more than hundred coral islands: a real Paradise for Nature and Ocean lovers. Amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, enchanted forests and all the magic of the Indian Ocean. The main island is Mahé. Diving here is very interesting and between August […]

Silver bank

04 Jun 2015 / in

Every year, from January to April, thousands humpback whales migrate to Silver Bank, a marine sanctuary in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Dominican Republic and southeast of the Territory of Turks & Caicos. Here, humpbacks give birth and raise their calfs. Females are often followed by “roudy males” who fight with each other for […]

South Africa

Un curioso babbuino Capo di Buona Speranza
04 Jun 2015 / in

A land of contrasts, South Africa captures the imagination. Vibrant cultures live together here, in a unique melting pot of Europe, United States and Africa. The coast of this wild and fascinating land face two Oceans, Atlantic and Indian, whose waters meet in Cape Agulhas, the southest point of the Country. Discover Cape Town and […]

Western Australia

03 Jun 2015 / in

Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth, and boasts an Aboriginal history that dates back more than 40,000 years. Here, the outback meets the Indian Ocean. With thousands miles of coast, hundreds islands and an abundant marine life, Western Australia gives endless diving opportunities. The main attraction for divers is the Ningaloo […]