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04 Jun 2015 / in

The Seychelles Archipelago is situated off the east coast of Africa and it’s made by more than hundred coral islands: a real Paradise for Nature and Ocean lovers.
Amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, enchanted forests and all the magic of the Indian Ocean.
The main island is Mahé. Diving here is very interesting and between August and September there are great chances to encounter whale sharks.
Praslin is the main island of the group north east of Mahè and is famous for the rare palm called “coco de mer” that grows in the Valleé de Mai, the main attraction of the island.
My advice is to visit also the close islands of Curieuse, Cousin, Coco and Sisters.
From Praslin you can reach by boat the island of La Digue, where you can find the best beaches of the Archipelago.

Climate: The summer season, hot and wet, goes from October to April, followed by a fresh and dry winter, from May to September.

Best time of year:  August and September, when the climate is fresh and dry and you can still hope to find whale sharks. From March to May and from September to November the Ocean is calmer and the visibility is better. I’ll avoid late December, because is overcrowded.

Where to stay: In Praslin, Paradise Sun Hotel ( on Anse Volbert Beach has also a diving center (Whitetip Divers); in Mahè the Berjaya Hotel (  is the most confortable option in Beau Vallon beach, but I suggest one of the many guesthouses, cheeper and more authentic, like Daniella’s Bungalows ( In La Digue, the Patatran Village (

Diving centers:  In Praslin, Whitetip Divers ( is inside the Paradise Sun Hotel, on Anse Volbert beach.

In Mahè, Ocean Dream Divers, on Beau Vallon beach (

Best dive sites: In Mahè, Shark Bank, Baie Ternai Marine Park, Aquarium, L’ilot, Brissare Rocks, Conception island, Ennerdale and Dredger wrecks. Aldabra atoll and Amirantes Islands, with strong currents and big animals, offer authentic adventure dives.

Must see: In Praslin, the Valleé de Mai, the beautiful Anse Lazio beach, the islands of Curieuse, Cousin, Coco and  Sisters. In La Digue, don’t miss Anse Source d’Argent, Grand Anse, Petite Anse ed Anse Cocos. For adventurous divers, Aldabra atoll.

Diver’s tip: If you encounter the gentle whale shark, show him some respect, give him space and don’t touch him: he won’t be stressed and will stay longer.

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