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04 Jun 2015 / in

The Revillagigedo Archipilago (aka “Socorro”) is a very isolated place that emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, the tip of Baja California. It’s unknown to the civilized world and made by four main islands: Socorro, San Benedico, Roca Partida and Clarion.
It’s a pristine, wild place, nicknamed “the mexican Galàpagos” for hits volcanic nature and for the big animals that live in the surrounding waters: mantas, dolphins, big pelagics and different kinds of sharks, including hammerheads, whale and tiger sharks.
The main difference from Galàpagos is that Revillagigedo’s islands are still desolate. The only humans are enthusiastic divers.

Climate: Water temperature is 26° C between November and December. From January to April it drops until 21 ° C: in these months you’ll need a 5/7 mm wetsuite with hood.

Best time of year: Only from November to May, because of the Ocean conditions. The best time is from January to March, when divers have the chance to meet humpback whales underwater.

Where to stay: A dive cruise aboard one of the two boat that reach the archipelago: Nautilus Explorer ( or Solmar V (

Diving centers: Nautilus Explorer and Solmar V.

Best dive sites: Roca Partida, El Canyon, El Fondeadero, The Boiler, Socorro, Punta Tosca.

Must see: underwater encounters with the giant Pacific manta rays. Here these gentle giants are known as “the friendliest mantas of the world”: photographers and videographers will have a lot of opportunities.

Diver’s tip:

The diving in Revillagigedo is very challenging and reserved only to experienced divers: the currents are strong, the water temperature is slow and the visibility is bad. Always follow the plan, check frequently your depth and don’t go below 110 feet. Always carry a flag to show your position on surface.