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Western Australia

03 Jun 2015 / in

Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth, and boasts an Aboriginal history that dates back more than 40,000 years.
Here, the outback meets the Indian Ocean.
With thousands miles of coast, hundreds islands and an abundant marine life, Western Australia gives endless diving opportunities.
The main attraction for divers is the Ningaloo Reef, a small barrier reef, comparing to the one of the east coast, but less crowded and easy accessible.
Every year, between April and June, whale sharks come to the Ningaloo Reef.
The small town of Exmouth in the gateway to this underwater Paradise.

Climate: In the south there are four seasons, while in the north only two: the wet season and the dry. The winter, or dry season (April- September) has sunny days and blue skys. The summer, or wet season (October-March) is hot and humid.

Best time of year: Year round. Between April and June there are great chances to swim with whale sharks, but August is a nice time too, because you can observe humpback whales and a big number of mantas. During that time of the year, I suggest to wear warm clothes and a 5 mm wetsuite with hood.

Where to stay: there are endless possibilities: campings, hostels, hotels and apartments. In Exmouth, I suggest one of the apartments of the Osprey Village. In Monkey Mia, the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

Diving centers: the best in Exmouth is the Ningaloo Reef Dreaming ( Avoid Exmouth Diving Center; also, avoid the town of Coral Bay.

Best dive sites: the famous Navy Pier, one of the best dive in the world: please, make this dive more than once, you won’t regret it!

All the sites of the West Coast, inside and outside the reef, where you can make exceptional encounters and, in August, listen to the songs of the humpback whales.

For coral lovers, the Muiron Islands; also, don’t miss the Lighthouse and VLF Bays.

Must see: Shark Bay ( At Monkey Mia, dolphins are famous for interacting with humans. Shell Beach, is a huge beach entirely made by little shells. Don’t miss the Cape Range National Park and the beach of Turquoise Bay. Another “must” is the Francois Peron National Park (

Diver’s tip: if you meet big animals like whales, mantas or whale sharks, move slowly and let the animal guide the encounter.

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